Ohio Ghost Hunters - EVP Investigations
Our Team of
 Real Paranormal Researchers
 FOUNDER, EVP specialist and Paranormal researcher since 1985.
Using my new scientific methods I communicate with the spirits and get the answers in my    
quest for the truth. Just call me
The Truth
 Co-Founder,  Frank is a seasoned professional. Frank has worked as a paranormal investigator for over nineteen years.  Working at Mansfield's Ohio State Reformatory for three years, running ghost hunts, Frank has enjoyed a ghost hunter's dream job.  With the technical knowledge of the old and the new he and I like to look for new ways to of improving our investigative skills with new technology.  I call him

 Lead- INVESTIGATOR,     I believe Ryan is the most level -headed person I have ever known.  The strong silent type.  Very observant and analytical he goes beyond the expected in every thing he does.  Well educated and well read.  Thirty four year old Ryan is A born detective!  If it can be debunked Ryan will find a way. He never runs from a situation, I like to call him
 The Rock
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