Ohio Ghost Hunters - EVP Investigations
These are just some of my personal Paranormal Experiences
Gore Orphanage
I went exploring at the legendary Gore Orphanage ruins.  It was a full moon that night and a slight chill was in the air. I walked through the forest at night (which is not allowed as I latter found out). The moonlight played on the objects in the forest at one point I saw what looked like a beautiful hug long table elegantly set for dinner right in middle of the forest. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it was it for real? Since my visit was at the spur of the moment I didn’t bring my camera. Oh how I wish I had it with me that night. I keep looking back at the table which seemed to be bathed in a golden light. Faintly in the distance I could hear the laughing of children as if they were playing. Or perhaps they were laughing at me. Then it happened, the Park Range showed up. “Hey lady” he said “you’re not supposed to be out here at night”. “I’m sorry officer I didn’t realize I’ll be leaving now, thank you.” As I drove away I could see the golden glow of the table getting ever smaller in the distance.
Living in the Paranormal World
It was back in the year 2000 when my husband and I relocated from Vandalia Ohio to Avon Ohio. We had a difficult time trying to find a house as beautiful as the one we were leaving. It had been our dream home in the middle of the forest. It was so peaceful and I loved to watch the animals.
So we had to settle for something reasonable and have a home built. It was not the home I wanted, but we had to make compromises.
We had only been there a few days when something woke me up. Through my partially opened eyes I could see an arm reaching out to me as if to help me out of bed. I reached for it and my hand past thought it as if I were grabbing at air. I looked up towards the face and saw a woman I didn’t recognize. I immediately jumped to my feet in the bed. As I stood straight up in the bed I began to jump up and down. Screaming to my sleeping husband “There’s someone in our room, there’s someone in our room”. Just like any other brave husband he quickly turn on the light, suddenly the women was gone and just like any other sleepy husband he said “Go back to sleep” and I did.
The following night it happens again, but this time it was 2 men standing next to my bedside looking down at me. I shook my husband and said “There’s someone in our room”. He quickly replies “Tell them to go away and come back tomorrow”. I reach over a pulled the blanket over my head and turned away hoping they would get the message “Don’t wake us up”.
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