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 Annie Carissimi’s original method

 Hi my name is Annie Carissimi,

 One of the most valuable tools when investigating cases that have went entirely cold is my new method of EVP communication. Scientifically proven to be the most effect method of communicating with, believe it or not, spirits. 

Each of us have spirits that watch over us, even if we don’t realize it.  When a loved one disappears or is murdered the spirits will know what has happen and try to communicate with us. Unfortunately most of us are unable to hear or comprehend the messages they are trying to send. That is why we can help you. Using this new method of communication that allows spirits to speak in sentences and in paragraphs. This method can give us leads to help solve a cold case or find a missing person. 

 The police and FBI may discourage you from even considering such a thing. In their profession they are looking for hard evidence, something that will hold up in court. I am only looking for solutions to your problem. It is our mission to help you and the authorizes  bring home the missing safe and alive.

 Even if you “Don’t believe it that sort of stuff” I believe your loved one is worth the effort. You will be involved in your case and hear first hand what the spirits saying.

You have nothing to lose, because we do this free of charge. Money is not what is important here, it’s our loved ones. They cannot be replaced and there is nothing more heartbreaking then losing someone, especially a child.

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