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Find the History of your Home

Your first stop is your county auditor’s office.  Most often your county auditor’s office is the place where property information such as appraisal and other information can be found, because they control the taxes on your home. Here you will be able to access the names of previous owners. It is free public information and you may even be able to access your county auditor’s office by the Internet.
Next all you needed are the names you found on the county auditors website and a library card. Your library should have Ancectry.com for free or something similar. Here you can track the entire inhabitants of your home back in the census. It just takes a little detective work.
If your home was built before 1900 you can find plot maps at your local city hall. Many years ago they would write the last name of the owner of each plot of land on large maps. They may even have some of the plot maps at your local library.
Next ask your local librarian for a little help to find news paper and other articles about those who lived in your home. If anything newsworthy happened in your home you should be able to find it in old newspaper articles.  Check out the names you found in the census for interesting stories, birth, death records and anything interesting about the person you’re looking for in local news papers. Obituaries offer information about the person’s life and their relatives. Your local library should have a book to reference names. The librarian should be able to help you locate the articles that appeared in your local news papers. This information is usually stored on microfilm and can be viewed in a special machine at your library. You can also print off copies (it may cost a few cents to make the copies.)

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