Ohio Ghost Hunters - EVP Investigations
As paranormal investigators we hunker down in the dark in a reported haunted local. We turn on our digital voice recorders and demand silence. Then we record for EVP, not realizing that the spirits need that sound to speak to us, we hinder our own investigations. Perhaps we may capture breathy whispers not realizing that the spirits have had to resort to using our own breath sounds to communicate with us.
Hopefully I can make my point and help you and others capture more EVP. EVP are defined as voices not heard at the time of a recording and are otherwise describe as one or two word replies. When in reality they speak in complete sentences and paragraphs just as we do, only we are not able to hear the communication in its entirety.
Other times, we associate the way a spirit sounds to be its personality, when this may not be the case at all. The reason the spirit may sound the way it does is often times due to the available sound they have used to speak to us. For instances, I had a spirit use the grumble of a refrigerator to speak to me. It sounded ominous, but the words spoken were clearly not.
If we can learn how to use available sound that cannot be confused as contamination we will be on our way to making major process in recording and understanding EVP. It is possible for a spirit to use your own voice to speak to you or the voices of others. Sometimes what you think is another person speaking may be the manipulated EVP of a spirit.
Even disembodied voices work this way. If we can become in tuned to these voices then we all may be able to receive the information that spirits are trying to send.
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