Ohio Ghost Hunters - EVP Investigations
Full Spectrum Camera:
Special camera for spirit photos.  Also know as a forensics camera
KII Meter:
Detects EMF field using lights
Digital Camera:
Great for paranormal investigations because you can take lots of photos
Thermal Imagery: (WOULD LIKE TO HAVE)
The Holy Grail of paranormal research gear. (let's just say the cost is about $5000 and up.)  Most paranormal groups don't have this.
Digital Camcorder 0 lux:
0 Lux means a clear picture is taken in little or no light.
Night Vision Scope:
Allows for sight in complete darkness. ELF style vision scope if preferred. (Don't have this yet.)
EMF Detector:
It is believed to measure the electromagnetic field that ghosts generate.
Digital Voice Recorder:
My most favorite.  Used to capture EVP Electronic Voice Phenomena.
Laser Thermal Meters:
Used to find temperatures on items. They can read ambient temperatures also.
Can be used by spirits to generate a word.  When used in conjunction with the digital voice recorder, has been know to produce a voice that is recorded.
Flash Lights:
For safety.
For use in equipment.
The best equipment of all
a great team!
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